SyFy Sistas #023: Black Representation in the Star Trek Movies

The SyFy Sistas’ Cultural Inclusion Checklist

This week the SyFy Sistas look at the thirteen Star Trek films to see how Black actors have fared in them. We rate the TOS crew, the TNG crew, and the Kelvin crew on inclusion. With the help of a repurposed Bechdel-Wallace type test (which gauges how women fare in films) that we call the SyFy Sistas Cultural Inclusion Checklist we hold these films up to their own IDIC imbued mirror. But it’s not all “a day in diversity training”, we select personal favorites (come on, it’s got to be the one with the whales!), and reveal which scenes really get on our last nerves. Check out the Nerd Trek podcast #114 and #115 for J.D.’s full take on Star Trek: The Final Frontier.

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