SyFy Sistas #022: Collecting 101 with The Divine Treasury

Expressing your fandom passion with STUFF

It’s our first Trek Geeks Crossover Show with the Divine Treasury. The fun we have with our Fandom Friday social media posts on the Muthaship group page made the Sistas curious about collecting. So, we decided to go to the pros, Mike Bovia and Jamie Rogers, host of our sister show The Divine Treasury, for an overview on collecting. Jamie gives us critical intel on how to start (go with your passion), where to go for valuations (eBay is your friend), and how to take care of your hoard (don’t skimp). From cards, to films, to action figures, to comic books, we run through it all.

What the Sistas know is that collectors are diverse and collecting is rather personal. But what we discover is that collecting is another way to connect to the Star Trek community. Hunting for items is like a quest and you can meet all sorts of people in the community willing to help you. Part of the unexpected fun of collecting is swapping stories of your quest for that item that completes your collection. And wow, does Jamie have great stories!

Here are the links we mention in the show: Museum grade Star Trek Figurines For all things about cards Our sponsor Fansets for all things about pins

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