SyFy Sistas #020: Malissa Longo of The 7th Rule Podcast

The Sixth SyFy Sista?

Join us for a long-awaited chat with the beautiful, talented, and resilient Malissa Longo, co-host of the 7th Rule Podcast with Cirroc Lofton and Ryan Husk. Malissa is also a business owner and the wife of our beloved Aron Eisenberg. But Malissa is a true multi-hyphenate, dancer, actor, and artist in her own right.

The conversation runs from Subrina’s beleaguered defense of musicals to the uniqueness of the Star Trek community, Nana Visitor love, Malissa’s new acting gig that may go to TV pilot to who is dodging Armin’s Shakespeare course.
J.D. brings us back from a Q rabbit hole with her love of Malissa’s cuff bracelets and wearable art. And finally, Yvette, Tamia, and Fran pose questions we can all get behind, one of which is “Are there any Black Orions?”

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