SyFy Sistas #013: Recap of The Sam and Bucky Show – Episode 2

Can the SyFy Sistas deal with the Star-Spangled Man? OFC!

The Sistas react viscerally to the happenings in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier #102. While Tamia does her best to keep the discussion on track and J.D. drops more incredible Easter Eggs, Yvette takes us to the Lord of the Rings, Subrina makes a temporal incursion to Episode 3, Fran is clear about where she stands on John Walker, and we ALL have something to say about Lemar. From competitive therapy to secret experiments on Black G.I.s this episode from Marvel Studios churns up some serious stuff…and we loved it. Plus, try to guess which one of the Sistas brings the whole discourse back to Star Trek this week.

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