Rewind #050: The Next Generation

The one where we switch to Picard S3

Sorry for the wait listeners!!! We are back and it’s our 50th episode! Join Haley and I as we take a break from classic TNG and move into a rewatch of Picard Season 3 starting at the beginning with The Next Generation.

In this episode Haley and I talk all about what we thought when we saw this epic first episode…we talk Shaw, we talk Bev and her badass opening scene and we laugh along with all of Riker’s classic lines. Not only that, we discuss some of the cool hidden details within the episode, thoughts on what could be next and again, gush over how much we love Shaw. Naturally of course there’s lots of other nonsense including an update about Haley’s new neighbourhood and what we’re watching on the boob tube. So pour a glass of Malbec, BBQ up some green steak and join us!