Rewind 046 – Parallels

The One With All the Worfs

Happy Fall Ya’ll, Haley and Sara are here to tickle your ears with our banter and self-deprecating humour as usual. Not only that, we’re talking Trek, surprise?! That’s right, we’ve done a terrible synopsis and review of that Season 7 multi-verse spectacular, Parallels, staring Michael Dorn. You heard that right, Parallels…an episode that asks the question, is there such a thing as too many Worfs?

We will try and answer that question and more on this newest episode. Listen closely and enjoy the sounds of our energy fading as we record this episode not once, but 1.5 times, because Sara forgot to hit record the first time around. It’s a blast, it’s fun, it’s totally us. So sit back, relax and roll your eyes as we stumble through episode 46 of our horrid little podcast, Rewind.