Rewind 045 – The Neutral Zone

Hello? Is it WE you’re looking for??? (to the tune of Hello by Lionel Richie) Yes friends it is time! Summer is over and it is time to get back to work. Haley and Sara are reunited with an all new episode of Rewind and this time we don’t hold back at all. We’re breaking down that TNG Season 1 ender, The Neutral Zone. You know the one! The crew finds that probe with frozen folks from the 80’s onboard and hilarity ensues? But not too much hilarity, the Romulans are causing trouble too.

Not only that but Haley and Sara catch up on life, love, canyoning and the big trip Sara took to STLV. Haley came with questions ready, written down on pen and paper…something she’d personally request from a replicator should she have the chance. So stop what you’re doing and have a listen as we do as we do best.