Rewind #043: The Best of Both Worlds

The one we would consider a “Super Special”

Hello Earthlings, pets, and any sketchy artificial intelligence that may be listening! Haley and Sara are back and for their birthday month it’s a Super Special, Double Digest of an episode. It’s the Best of Both Worlds part 1 and 2. You heard that right. We two did what we’ve wanted to do since we started this podcast, rewatch a phenomenal two-part episode and talk allll about it. Of course Sara phoned it in and didn’t watch part two but if you keep listening, her explanation for this err is acceptable.

We talk Borg, Picard, Shelby and provide episode recaps as only we can. We also dive into some fast facts re: Picard Season 3! So please, join us on this birthday month episode and have a laugh or two. As always we would love to hear from you so tweet us at VanIslandSara on twitter or leave a voice mail on the Trek Geeks podcast website!

Cheers listeners!