Rewind #022: Attached

The One Where They’re Attached

We are bizzack and this time we are reviewing an episode of TNG suggested by one of our Twitter followers! This episode has it all: Brain stem implants, Coffee and Croissants, one of those orbs from Spencer Gifts that makes your hair stand up, a Ross from friends look-a-like. Yes to all of that.

It also showcases the brilliant acting of Sir Patrick Stewart and Gates McFadden…talk about chemistry people!! All that plus more! Did I say more? I did.. Haley and I introduce a new corner…of course it’s the ramblings of Canadian women and not Trek related! it’s all about our days working in a lingerie store and the horrors we survived. So pour a drink and unwind with Rewind! #StarTrekTNG #CoffeeAndCroissants #Attached