PoliTreks #037: Indigenous Representation in Star Trek


PoliTreks is back with a very candid interview with our friend Bryson to talk about representation of Indigenous People throughout the life of Star Trek. Bryson brings his perspective as a member of the Mi’kmaq (*Pronounced Mig-maw) People of the east coast of Canada and the USA. We lay criticism where it is due, all while speaking about context and considering the social make-up of the time.

Episode-wise, we cover the two major first entries (Paradise Syndrome – TOS; Journey’s End – TNG), along with a discussion of the character and characteristics of Chakotay.

In true PoliTreks fashion, we move into concepts of settler-colonialism, imperialism, and white-supremacy, and how western society by its very founding, has had to struggle with its relationship to such concepts.

In all, this conversation is just the beginning. Bryson is an avid Trek fan and as our conversation went longer than anticipated, we agreed there will be more to discuss. If you are looking to get a head start, check out “How Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth,” written by Indigenous author and artist, Russel Bates! More to come there!

This is Bryson’s first podcast experience and we are honored he came to provide his insights.

You can find him at @ArnallLabrador on Twitter, and the link to the YouTube video we mention is below: