Infinite Trek #004: Chancellor Behooves


On this week’s show Brandi and Aa—hang on, we’ve just been sent a message…”Effective immediately the Infinite Trek podcasting deceit will no longer be tolerated. The show must be logged and edited exactly in the time mandated by Dan and Bill?!” There goes buffer time!
If you hadn’t guessed we’re reviewing Lower Decks’ 3rd episode “Temporal Edict” an episode that is surprisingly not about time travel. We of course dive into the Easter eggs, deep cuts and call backs of the episode, but we also talk about how the  story in this episode is at one time topical and totally Star Trek but also unique to this show.


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And of course we read your answers to the question of the week “What would you do on the Cerritos with your buffer time?” and the answers might surprise you–they surprised us!