Discovering Trek #206: The Sound of Thunder


One of the mysterious Red Bursts shows up over Saru’s home planet of Kaminar which allows him to go back to the home he thought he would never see again. His return is not as positive as he hoped as the Ba’ul show up and threaten the crew of Discovery as well as the entire population of Kelpiens on the surface!  Plus, Dr. Hugh Culber is dealing with the fact that he is alive…again…and he seems to be having trouble accepting what has happened to him!

Joining Dan and Bill to examine this episode is our dear friend Kasey Shafsky, who helped co-produce the acclaimed web series Star Trek Continues and had the honor of playing a mirror universe Vulcan who gets vaporized in Episode 3! We will discuss the Ba’ul, Saru’s reunion with his sister Siranna and the huge ramifications the Red Angel has on The Great Balance!

We’ll also give you predictions as to what we think could happen both next week and during the season, and we’ll reveal what we discovered about our own humanity in this latest episode of Star Trek Discovery.



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