Discovering Trek: Noah Averbach-Katz


This week on Discovering Trek and Trek Geeks, Dan and Bill are honored to have Noah Averbach-Katz join them for a special discussion about his time on Star Trek Discovery Season 3 as the Andorian, Ryn.  The character quickly became one of the most popular of the season and Noah got to live out every Star Trek fans dream by playing a role in our beloved universe.

During our conversation, we discuss his fandom when he was young, what it was like to be directed by the Star Trek legend Jonathan Frakes, and what it was like to work with his wife Mary Wiseman, aka Sylvia Tilly.  Along the way we also find out just how…interesting it was to film scenes with the Queen herself – Grudge the cat!

Bill and Dan cannot thank Noah enough for joining them on the podcast, and they hope you enjoy the conversation as much as they did on Discovering Trek!


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