Discovering Trek: Crisis Point 2: Paradoxus


This week on Star Trek Lower Decks, its time for the biggest sequel in the history of Holodeck blockbusters as Boimler tries to outdo Mariners first adventure Crisis Point.  Captain Dagger (Boimler) and his crew of the USS Wayfarer have to stop the Romulans from changing history when they steal a device called the Chronogami! But after some devastating news, Boimler is more concerned with finding out the true meaning of life so he makes Tendi acting Captain while he and Mariner go on their own holodeck quest for answers.

With some great callbacks to almost every Star Trek movie, as well as some awesome guest voices, plus a cliffhanger to bring the house down, Crisis Point 2: Paradoxus comes at us at warp speed with some great character development and amazing visuals!

Dan, Kasey and Bill have a great time talking about a sequel that is better than the original (kinda like TWOK and TMP) and also some big moments like Tendi wanting to be a Captain for real and how back fat can actually show you where the secret of life can be found (and yeah, that is as gross as it sounds).  We have a fantastic time discussing everything that takes place in episode eight of Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 3 – “Crisis Point 2: Paradoxus“!  Get your popcorn, take your seat and get ready for some great fun and discussion!


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