Discovering Trek: Hear All, Trust Nothing


This week on Lower Decks, Captain Freeman is assigned to negotiate a trade agreement with the Karemma while docked at…wait for it…wait for it…DEEP SPACE 9!!!  The return to everyone’s favorite “Cardassian Monstrosity” is anything but normal as Tendi has to deal with a fellow Orion who is hell bent on keeping that Orion Pirate reputation well preserved, Boimler is raking in the latinum at the dabo table and Freeman and Colonel Kira have to deal with Quark and his continued, questionable methods of turning a profit.

Meanwhile back on the Cerritos, Jennifer wants Mariner to come to her friends ‘salon night’.  Poetry, dancing and candle making are not high on her list of fun things to do, and she is finding it difficult to play nice with Jennifer’s friends. What will happen when a crisis unfolds during the shindig?

Dan, Kasey and Bill have a great time talking about the amazing return to DS9 in episode six of Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 3 – “Hear All, Trust Nothing“!  Grab a root beer, pull up a chair at the bar and get ready to spend some latinum as we have some great fun and discussion!