Discovering Trek: Room For Growth


This week on Lower Decks, Boimler, Tendi and Mariner discover a scheme by the dreaded Delta Shift to manipulate a ship lottery on some fancy new living quarters.  They begin a quest to get to the one terminal on the entire ship so that they can beat the Delta’s at their own game. Along the way, they run into some unexpected challenges, like a Holodeck “Bonnie & Clyde” simulation run by Shax and Dr. T’ana, as well as actually bonding with the Delta’s – or so it would seem.

Meanwhile, after yet another possession of Captain Freeman by those pesky Masks, the ship is a mess and the engineering crew is at wits ends.  She insists they all take time off to relax on the spa ship “The Dove”, but it is soon discovered that she is more stressed out than Rutherford and his team members! Black Bander alert!!

As Sara heads off for her own relaxation experience, Dan, Kasey and Bill have a great discussion about the fourth episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 3 – “Room For Growth“!  If dodging bullets in a safety protocol disabled holodeck is your idea of foreplay, then come join us for some great fun and discussion!