Discovering Trek: Mining The Mind’s Mines


This week on Lower Decks, during an away mission, Boimler, Mariner and Rutherford face their ultimate fantasies as well as their most feared nightmares, all thanks to some special glowly rocks that harness thoughts and memories. Our crew soon discovers that not all is as it appears to be and it is actually up to Tendi (struggling on her first day of Senior Science Officer training) to save the day and uncover the devious plan of the planets inhabitants!

Dan and Kasey welcome Bill back to the table as Sara is away this week, and they all have a great discussion about the third episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 3 – “Mining The Mind’s Mines“!  Grab your bat’leth armed Killer Klingon Klown from Outer Space or your giant Borg Snake and join us for some great fun and discussion!