Discovering Trek: A Moral Star, Part 1


This week, Mike and Emilie are joined by Meg MacConnell to discuss the penultimate episode of the first half of Star Trek: Prodigy Season 1, “A Moral Star, Part 1.” The crew of the Protostar are forced to return to Tars Lamora for the greater good.

Having learned how to work together as a crew, Dal and company prepare a rescue mission of the “Unwanted” on Tars Lamora. The Diviner, as expected, goes back on his word and demands not just the Protostar, but Gwyn as well. As he begins to leave, he destroys the power generator keeping gravity on Tars Lamora, but can’t protowarp because the core has been taken.

How were the crew able to hide the protocore from The Diviner? Have they lost the Protostar for good? We discuss that on this episode of Discovering Trek: Prodigy!