Discovering Trek: Time Amok


This week, Mike and Emilie are joined by Jude and Brent Allen of the Murf’s Turf Podcast to discuss “Time Amok.” A tachyon storm threatens to destroy the U.S.S. Protostar and the crew needs to work together in a unique way to prevent it.

Each one of the crew is separated into different parts of time on board the Protostar, with their only way of working together being through Hologram Janeway. They each face circumstances they’re unfamiliar with, while a new Drednok is being built in the vehicle replicator to take the ship back over.

How will they be able to prevent catastrophe? Will the crew learn from this experience going forward? And, will The Diviner once again gain control of the Protostar? We discuss that and more on this episode of Discovering Trek: Prodigy!