Discovering Trek: Kobayashi


The Prodigy crew is back and so is Discovering Trek! Mike and Emilie are joined by Kellyn Goncalves, to discuss “Kobayashi.” The Protostar emerges from its warp 4,000 light years from the Delta Quadrant and discovers some of what the holodeck can do.

The majority of the crew wants to contact the Federation after finding out they’ve traveled faster than anyone thought possible. Dal isn’t having it. In fact, after finding out about a training program on the newly discovered holodeck, he wants to show the crew that he’s more than just a self-appointed captain. Gwyn is still dealing with the emotions of her father’s desertion and wants to find out why the Protostar is so important to him.

Is Dal a great captain or just a wannabe? Will Gwyn unlock the hidden mysteries of the U.S.S. Protostar? Plot a course for Gamma Hydra, Section 10, as we discuss that and more on this episode of Discovering Trek: Prodigy.