Discovering Trek: Terror Firma


For our final breakdown episode before the hiatus, Mike and Emilie are joined by Jenn Tifft from Trek Core, to discuss “Terror Firma.” The crew faces their toughest challenge yet, find the U.S.S. Protostar and get off the planet before the planet strands them there.

A 10 kilometer walk that keeps changing direction is tough enough without a crew member with a broken leg who has given your biggest foe your coordinates. This time the crew is able to stand together to meet their challenges head on and be saved in an unexpected fashion. This leads Gwyn to have to make one of the most important decisions of her life.

Is The Diviner going to take control of the Protostar? Will Gwyn join him and bring the crew back to Tars Lamora? Set a star and lock on with us as we discuss that and more on this episode of Discovering Trek: Prodigy.