Discovering Trek: Starstruck


On this episode, Mike and Emilie are joined by Blake Rogers and his dad, The Divine Treasury co-host, Jamie, to discuss “Starstruck.” The wayward crew of the U.S.S. Protostar begin to learn about their new found ship and the United Federation of Planets when they activate a training assistant for cadets, a hologram of Kathryn Janeway.

Dal decides that he should be the captain and proceeds to make a series of bad decisions regarding the course, ship board operations and interpersonal skills with the crew. Meanwhile, Rok-Tahk is tasked with keeping Gwyn under control in the brig and catching her once she’s escaped.

Will Gwyn get off the ship and back to her father? Has Dal led the crew down a path they can’t escape from? We discuss that and more on this episode of Discovering Trek: Prodigy!