Discovering Trek: The Star Gazer


This week, Mike B., Tamia, Mike T., and Jamie discuss the first episode of Star Trek: Picard, Season 2, “The Star Gazer”.

A Starfleet vessel is set to auto destruct before we get to look in on our crew from last season over the previous 48 hours. Picard, Raffi, and Rios are all back in Starfleet, and Elnor is at the Academy. Seven is captaining the La Sirena working for the Fenris Rangers again, and Jurati and Soji are entertaining a group of Deltans.

A situation in space brings most of them back together again, only to face the Borg Queen prior to destroying them.

Picard wakes up to find things changed and has a visit from his old friend, Q!

How did we feel about this episode? What about some of the easter eggs and return of legacy characters? Listen and find out on Discovering Trek: Picard!