Discovering Trek: Fortunate Son


Discovering Trek listeners, we hope you have your ears on good buddy, no Starfleet Smokeys in your rear-view and warp 3 is treating you nice. Welcome to episode 10 of Discovering Trek: Enterprise!

This episode, Co-Hosts Sara and Kasey discuss the dangers deep space freighters encounter, two stubborn ship leaders, the mammoth portions Chef prepares, T’Pol having some serious hide and seek helper skills and the saving grace of having a thoughtful and sincere helmsman!

The Nausicaans are not heart stabby in this adventure, but sure are a menace. When a space boomer is supported by family how does that expand one’s opportunities? And who leaves a half eaten steak?

We talk all that, plus if you try to kill Starfleet members by suffocation but they manage to escape, you don’t get brought up on any charges. Really. That happens!

Sara and Kasey hope you’ll join them on the long haul from Jupiter Station, on Discovering Trek: Enterprise. Come explore the First Frontier with us!