Discovering Trek: The Andorian Incident


Well hello, we didn’t see you there. Welcome to episode 7 of Discovering Trek: Enterprise! This episode, Co-Hosts Sara and Kasey not so quietly contemplate the intricate relationships the Vulcans and Andorians have and what this first contact for Archer feels like.

With the introduction of Shran, Archer and the crew get an upclose and personal how do you do to Andorians and their violent tendencies and suspicions. Dang, the neighbors just can’t get along.

Does the latest episode of Enterprise beat us up with over the top tropes? Are the Vulcans the kind of guests where you check for all the silverware after they leave? Is this a P’Jem of an episode or just costume jewelry?

We chat all that plus who knew what, and the fantasticalness that is Jeffrey Combs. Sara and Kasey hope you’ll join them for some not so superior reasoning and definitely not violent tendencies on this episode of Discovering Trek: Enterprise. Come explore the First Frontier with us, you know you wanna.