Discovering Trek: Enterprise: Terra Nova


Welcome to the overside and to episode 6 of Discovering Trek: Enterprise! This episode, Co-Hosts Sara and Kasey take an exploration trip to the great experiment in deep space, Terra Nova. Archer and a landing party have anything but a party on the planet surface and below.

Can humans regain trust of the Novans after 70 years? Are all our bridge crew involved in this adventure? Is T’Pol the voice that Archer needs to listen to? What price comes with colonization and does this episode of Enterprise wish we could see back, or did it taste like digger meat? So don’t confuse your path, settle on in and investigate this episode with us.

We talk all that and discuss the benefits Trek as a franchise enjoys with actors that also direct. That is no shale! Sara and Kasey hope you’ll join them after tracking from Earth, on Discovering Trek: Enterprise. Come explore the First Frontier with us!