Discovering Trek: That Hope Is You, Part II


This week, Dan, Bill, Sara and Kasey discuss the amazing season finale of Star Trek: Discovery Season 3, “That Hope Is You, Part II”. Osyraa will stop at nothing to get the commandeered Discovery to the Dilithium Planet even if that means torturing Book to death!  The crew fight to stop her plans in a possible suicide mission while Burnham sets up for an epic battle with Osyraa before time runs out!

Meanwhile in the Verubin Nebula, Saru tries to form a connection with Su’Kal to come up with a way to save themselves and along the way finds the true (and very emotional) cause of The Burn.  In addition, thanks to the Kelpien ships computer, Gray can be seen by everyone and he and Adira instantly form a very special family bond with Culber!

Will Osyraa get the information she needs from Book? Will the Discovery crew die trying to save the ship? Will Discovery get to the Dilithium planet in time to save their friends!  And who will be the new Captain of the good ole NCC-1031-A??  We discuss it all, and we  hope you’ll join us for a great discussion on Discovering Trek!


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