Discovering Trek: There Is A Tide…


This week, Dan, Bill, and Kasey discuss the twelfth (and penultimate) episode of Star Trek: Discovery Season 3, “There Is A Tide…” The USS Discovery has been taken over by Osyraa and the Emerald Chain and heads for Federation Headquarters! The senior staff try to come up with a plan to take back the ship, and barefoot Burnham goes all John McClain in her attempt to thwart the plans of Osyrra, Zareh and the rest of the bad guys! Along the way she makes some decisions that may cause an insurmountable rift between her and Paul Stamets!

Meanwhile at Federation HQ, Osyrra meets with Admiral Vance with a shocking offering – peace between the Federation and the Chain!  Is this a genuine offer or just another ruse?

Will Vance believe Osyrraa in her ‘quest’ for peace? Will the Discovery be retaken by the crew? And remember – the clock is ticking to return to the Verubin Nebula to rescue Saru, Culber, Adira and Su’Kal before its too late!  We discuss it all, plus we rejoice at the amazing return of Ken Mitchell to the Star Trek universe! We hope you’ll join us for a great discussion on Discovering Trek!


Music for Discovering Trek is provided by Five Year Mission. They’re writing one song for each episode of The Original Series! Plus, check out their podcast right here on the Trek Geeks Podcast Network!

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