Discovering Trek: Su’Kal


This week, Dan, Bill and Sara discuss the eleventh episode of Star Trek: Discovery Season 3, “Su’Kal”. The USS Discovery heads to the Verubin Nebula to search for a survivor of the Kelpien ship, the KSF Khi’eth, who has been stranded on a remote planet for decades.  Saru leaves First Officer Tilly in command of Discovery while he, Burnham and Dr. Culber beam to the surface.  When they arrive, they are inside an intricate holoprogram and their features have been altered.  Michael is a Trill, Culber is a Bajoran and Saru appears as a human! When they locate the Kelpien survivor, they discover the true cause of the Burn!

Meanwhile, in orbit of the Dilithium planet, the Discovery is attacked by Osyraa of the Emerald Chain and takes over the ship!

Will Acting Captain Tilly be able to hold off the Emerald Chain?  How will Saru deal with seeing this stranded Kelpien, Su’Kal?  We hope you’ll join us for a great discussion on Discovering Trek!


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