Discovering Trek: Terra Firma, Part 2


This week, Dan, Bill, and Kasey discuss the tenth episode of Star Trek: Discovery Season 3, “Terra Firma, Part 2.” As Phillipa returns to the Mirror Universe she has to deal with attempts to overthrown her Empire from outside AND inside her inner circle!  Michael has been discovered to be a traitor but after several weeks of painful interrogation, she finally pledges her allegiance to her “mother.”  But can she still be trusted?  Plus, Phillipa attempts to reshape her Empire with a more lenient hand and builds a relationship with her Kelpien servant, Saru. This all leads up to an epic battle in the Discovery brig that will change Phillipa’s life forever!

Then upon her return to the Prime Universe, the identity of the mysterious Carl is finally revealed and it is one of the most amazing moments in Star Trek history!

Who lives and who dies in the Mirror Universe?  How excited were we to see Carl’s true identity? Will we ever see Phillipa Georgiou again? We hope you’ll join us for a great discussion on Discovering Trek!


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