Discovering Trek: People of Earth


This week on People of Earth – the 3rd episode of Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 – Burnham is finally reunited with the USS Discovery and informs the crew of her research over the past year.  She has discovered a 12 year old transmission from a Starfleet Admiral regarding the Federation.  Newly promoted Captain Saru orders the ship to head to Earth to investigate.  When they arrive, the do not receive the welcome they had hoped and to make matter worse, a band of Dilithium Raiders shows up and threatens the Discovery and the United Earth Defense Force!

Meanwhile, a young EDF inspector has a keen interest in the “antiquated” USS Discovery and requests to stay onboard as part of the crew.  It seems she has unique information about the mysterious Admiral and is not all that she appears to be.

Dan, Bill and Sara sit down to talk about the third episode of the season!  Did they all like the episode?  Who received their special Starfleet Commendations, and what did we discover about own own humanity?  Join us for a wonderful discussion as the USS Discovery returns home for the first time in 1000 years and is promptly told to leave!


Music for Discovering Trek is provided by Five Year Mission. They’re writing one song for each episode of The Original Series! Plus, check out their podcast right here on the Trek Geeks Podcast Network!

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