Deflowered #001: The Charlie X Trap

The One Without Enough Salt

Welcome one and all to the very first episode of Deflowered: A Star Trek podcast. Join your hosts Sara and Sophie as they start their 3 year mission of watching Star Trek: The original series for the very first time. Not only that, this is the first time Sophie has ever watched Star Trek! she’s being deflowered by trekkie and Rewind co-host Sara.

In this first episode you get a glimpse at who we are and why we’re doing this podcast as Sara asks Sophie some important introductory questions. Then stay with us to listen to a recap and chat about the first two episodes we watched, The Man Trap and Charlie X. But wait there’s more, in each episode Sophie will also give a little insight into women’s issues and rights during the 1960’s starting off with a hot topic right outta the gate…contraception.

So join us and get groovy as we go back in time and enjoy the series that started it all.