Deep Space Pride #098: The One With Delta Shift and Bad Rutherford

Would it be an unpopular opinion to think that Masks wasn’t that bad an episode?

After a short break, we’re back! This week, we chat about various Star Trek milestones – including the 35th anniversary of Encounter at Farpoint. Mike and Johnson chat about where they were when TNG premiered, which snowballs into a conversation about Star Trek series premieres in general. We also discuss the (not) shocking news that Star Trek 4 has been removed from Paramount’s slate.

We then move onto our Lower Decks discussion, which covers both “Room for Growth” and “Reflections.” From reminiscing about college dorm lotteries to pondering about Mariner’s future in Starfleet, we have a lively chat about times that the show does a good job of building additional layers onto our favorite 2-dimensional characters. And yes, Johnson thinks that Masks is an underrated TNG episode.