Deep Space Pride #072: The One Where We Are Over Discovery and We Revisit the Picard Premiere

Given that we’re ready to move on from Species 10-C… can we get 11-C?

And this week on Discovery!! – things are dragging. Mike and Johnson discuss the bit of a slog that is “Rosetta,” and how this season has teased out the mystery behind Species 10-C for far too long. Whether it’s complications due to the pandemic, bad writing, or a combination of the two – we feel that Discovery hasn’t really done the best job at sustaining our attention for such a long arc. While Mike thinks there might be a bit of a cliffhanger to the season, Johnson is ready to leave Species 10-C behind and move onto the next crisis that Michael Burnham will solve.

Fortunately, we’re both immensely enjoying this new season of Picard! We dive a bit deeper into the premiere and why we feel things seem fresh, while tease a bit of our thoughts on Episode 2. More of this please!