Deep Space Pride #066: The One With The Less Than Magnificent Ferengi

Welcome to one of the episodes where your cohosts are inebriated.

And we’re back with one of the few episodes we’re both recording in person and not over Zoom! This week, we start to episode by enjoying (?) a glass of Chateau Picard, which Mike and Johnson give a mixed review – but the bottle is so cool!

We then dive into this week’s Prodigy episode, which thankfully gives us a slightly less annoying Dal, but perhaps a more stereotypical portrayal of a Ferengi on Star Trek. We then spend WAY too much time going into off topic – which includes an extensive discussion of the series finale of The Expanse. This segues into a discussion as to whether or not we can compare The Expanse to Star Trek, and perhaps some of the lessons that Star Trek can learn. But then a larger question is posed – what’s going to be the next great sci-fi show? Mike and Johnson need suggestions!