Deep Space Pride #055: The One Where We Ramble On About Lower Decks Season 2 & Prodigy

So where’s the part where we skip to 2022 and get to Lower Decks Season 3?

We take a look back at Lower Decks Season 2 – the lows, the highs, and everything in between. We delve into some of our favorite moments, particularly the last three episodes of the season – and what are some of our predictions for Season 3? And yes, Mike revels in the fact that he was indeed correct about the sexual tension between Mariner and Jennifer.

Though Lower Decks might be over, that doesn’t mean we don’t have more Trek to watch! We discuss what we’re anticipating for the series premiere of Prodigy, which looks exciting not only for kids, but for old people like us. And as old people tend to do, we ramble on after all of that about everything else we are watching in an impromptu Off Topic segment.