Deep Space Pride #041: The Underappreciated Episodes of DS9 – Return to Grace

If modern Trek is missing one thing, it’s Gul Dukat and his monologues.

Mike is on vacation, which means that all our listeners are going to be taking a trip back in time (we recorded this episode July 4th weekend)! This time around, we discuss a very talky yet FASCINATING episode, “Return to Grace.” It’s hard to not recognize Gul Dukat as one of Trek’s most memorable villains, and this episode gives us a glimpse into his psyche, way of thinking, and relationship with both Kira and Ziyal.

Before we get into the heavy stuff of this episode, Mike has decided to make Johnson suffer through forced sharing – this week, we ask: “Who would be your bestie – if that bestie was a Star Trek character?” Johnson’s answer isn’t too unexpected, while as usual Mike needs to employ multiple options.

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