Deep Space Pride #037: The Underappreciated Episodes of TNG – Sub Rosa

Do you ever have an experience when you do all this work to get to a destination – only to at the end ask “why am I here”? This is one of those times.

All roads have led to this! Mike and Johnson finally chat about the much maligned – UNFAIRLY – season 7 episode of TNG “Sub Rosa,” where Gates McFadden literally throws herself into character. Mike is less than impressed, while Johnson sticks to his guns that this episode fits into the “underappreciated” category. Everyone can also expect Johnson to dress up as an orgasm candle at The 55-Year Mission convention.

As for our Pride Prompt this week, we ask – who of the Star Trek crew would you pick for your chosen family? As folks of the LGBTQ+ community, many of us have faced rejection from family – which means that we form those communities of our own. And guess what – Star Trek characters are the best candidates to choose from!

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