Deep Space Pride #035: The Underappreciated Episodes of TNG – Ensign Ro

So is the takeaway here that if someone sits alone at a bar, they’ll become besties with Whoopi Goldberg?

It’s Pride Month! To celebrate, we’re going to be chatting each week about how Star Trek affected us as members of the LGBTQIA+ community. This week, we do a bit of an intro, and talk about how Star Trek made us feel about being gay; we then move onto this week’s underappreciated TNG episode, Ensign Ro. We meet the Bajora (we’ll add an “n” on the end later for DS9) for the first time and we take a detour to briefly talk about Badmirals. Johnson, meanwhile, is apparently on uppers and interrupts Mike incessantly. Shocked? We’re not!

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