The BIG Sci-Fi Podcast 1.04: Do the Ends Justify the Means? An Ethical Discussion of Trek.

Cristian Fox leads this week’s discussion surrounding the very important question of whether the ends ever justifies the means, especially when thinking about the Star Trek universe.  We discuss several episodes from Enterprise, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager in this week’s episode.  This discussion gets serious, but we hope you have fun listening and engaging with this week’s discussion because we are four of the most passionate Trek fans around and we have opinions!

NOTE: This episode was recorded prior to the Russian incursion into Ukraine.  We talk heavily about war in this episode and even mention Russia by name.  We make comparisons based on the stories in Trek of association for the sake of our discussion.  We are releasing this episode with great sensitivity to what is happening in Europe and would like to simply state that we, as a podcasting team, are against the invasion of a sovereign people over another.

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