On the Fourth Day of Shatnermas…

William Shatner

Merry 4th of Shatnermas!  May you all be at one with the body!

Tonight, we’re going to look at some of the best Shat moments in the original Star Trek series. There are SO many, but these ones are some of my absolute favorites. I present them here for your enjoyment and in celebration of the season.

Let us first begin with the style of the man himself, which some have described as…Shatnerian.

(If you are unable to see the acting tutorial above, please click here!)

One of my favorites is the end of the episode, “The Man Trap,” where Captain Kirk is in the clutches of the Salt Monster!

(See the full episode of “The Man Trap” on Hulu!)

In the Omega Glory, The Shat introduces us to the word “trahnquility.”

(See the full episode of “The Omega Glory” on Hulu!)

Plus, there’s always, “I AM KIROK!!!!”

(See the full episode of “The Paradise Syndrome,” on Hulu! I’m noticing a trend here…)

Another great scene from “Return to Tomorrow” which also guest stars Diana Muldaur who would later go on to star as Dr. Katherine Pulaski in season 2 of TNG.

(Let your lungs fill with air again, here.)

Lastly, what collection of TOS clips would be complete without The Shat getting in touch with his feminine side in the final episode of Star Trek?

(“Turnabout Intruder” can be seen in all its glory on Hulu.)

With that, we draw night 4 of Shatnermas to a close! ¬†Tomorrow, we’ll look at some of The Shat’s commercial endorsements and appearances over the years!