On the Second Day of Shatnermas…


The second night of Shatnermas is upon us as we continue to celebrate all things William Shatner!

All holidays have traditions and mythology surrounding them to some degree, so now is probably a good time to talk about the origins of this particular holiday.

I was surfing YouTube one day and I came across this particular video.  I mean, how could this be anything but awesome? It’s Shatner singing “Bohemian Rhapsody,” for cryin’ out loud!

(If you’re unable to see the video for “Bohemian Rhapsody” above, please click here.)

That began an entire day of me posting random clips of Shatner and I turned it into a twelve day extravaganza I named “Shatnermas.”  Over the years it’s evolved.  I decided it should happen at Christmas time, since each of these clips is a gift.  I also decided that instead of twelve days, Shatnermas should last for eight nights—a nod to Shatner’s Jewish roots.  Then, I decided that, instead of having Shatnermas culminate on Christmas, it should end on Boxing Day (December 26) since Shatner is also Canadian.

That takes us to the current observance of  Shatnermas here on TrekGeeks and, since this post started with one of his musical endeavors, let’s see some of The Shat’s Greatest Hits!

This one is one of my favorites—Shatner singing CeeLo Green’s, “F*** You” on George Lopez Tonight in 2010.

(If you’re unable to see this epic performance above, click here. No, seriously. Do it.)

Another of my favorites, is when Shatner was on the Mike Douglas Show in the 1970’s singing, “Keep It Gay.” (Sadly, embedding of this video has been disabled and the full version has been removed from YouTube. This clip from the number is still pretty good, though.)

The Shat also proves that he is, in fact, too sexy in this clip from his short-lived CBS series,  “$#!+ My Dad Says.”

(If you’re unable to see He Who Is Also Kirk “shaking his little toosh on the catwalk,” please click here.)

But then, what collection of Shatner’s Greatest Hits would be complete without his turn on WWE’s Monday Night Raw singing the entrance themes of WWE Superstars?

(Whatcha gonna doooo if you can’t see this video? Click here, Little Hulkamaniacs!)

Lastly, there’s also his most recent creative endeavor entitled, “Ponder the Mystery.”

(Don’t ponder as to why you can’t see the video above!  Go here!)

Shatnermas continues tomorrow night!  VIVA SHATNERMAS!!