Trek Geeks #189: Trekonderoga


We had the incredible good fortune to attend this year’s Trekonderoga convention in Ticonderoga, New York–home of the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour!

Featuring Star Trek luminaries like Terry Farrell, Robin Curtis, Ethan Peck, JG Hertzler, and David Frankham, Trekonderoga had a fantastic track of Star Trek content.

At the heart of it, the amazing recreation of the sets from Star Trek–lovingly and meticulously recreated by James Cawley. It was an immersive experience that made you feel like you were really there.

We’ll discuss our weekend at this intimate convention and why we’ll be back next year! Plus, details about our conversations with Ethan Peck, and details on our standing room only panel!

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Episode 1 of Five Year Mission: The Podcast has premiered and we want you to get it in our ears now! It’s a discussion of a lot of firsts and some favorite convention experiences.

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