With The First Link #1.17: When the Bough Breaks


A mysterious planet, once thought to be a myth, reveals itself to the Enterprise, only to then kidnap several children! Ruthie and Matthew have a lot of feelings about this episode.
Content note: This episode deals with children being taken from their homes, and we discuss the residential school system which was instrumental in the oppression and genocide of Indigenous peoples across Canada. This topic is prevalent throughout the episode, and is explicitly discussed at the following times:

0:00:00 – 0:01:00
0:02:25 – 0:08:30
0:21:00 – 0:21:35

Actions you can take:
National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation Reports
Indian Residential School Survivors Society
Cover art by Nathan Nun, www.nathannun.ca.

Theme song is An Amazing Adventure by Flame Lion Studio