The Crowd-Sourced Star Trek Podcast!

Have you thought about podcasting and talking about your love of Star Trek? Now you can!

Tell us something you love about Trek! It could be an episode or movie, a character, a scene, a ship–anything! We’ll make it a part of our new podcast, “We Love Trek” which is available exclusively on the Trek Geeks Mobile App–free on both the Apple AppStore and Google Play!

What To Do:

  1. Using your computer or your cell phone, record your thoughts on what you love about Star Trek.
  2. At the beginning of your recording, start by saying “My name is ____________________ and I love Star Trek.”
  3. Then, tell us the aspect of Star Trek you love in 5 to 15 minutes,
  4. Use the form below to submit your audio!

We’ll listen to your submission and consider it for inclusion in to We Love Trek!

Some Tips:

  1. Speak clearly into the microphone.
  2. Please feel encouraged to cite specific examples from Star Trek about the aspect you love. (As an example, if you love Vulcans, mention a few episodes that come to mind and why you selected those particular episodes.)
  3. No profanity please.
  4. Please, no bashing of Star Trek you don’t like. Concentrate on what you LOVE.


There a few rules we want you to know.

  • All submissions for We Love Trek will become the property of Coconut MediaWorx LLC.
  • We reserve the right to edit your audio for clarity, to reduce noise, or to remove issues with the audio. We will always try to present your thoughts as you recorded them as much as possible.
  • We also reserve the right to determine when on the schedule your episode should be published.
  • Your name and location maybe used on Social Media to promote the episode. (Example: John S., from Boston MA, USA)


Use our Google Form to submit your .WAV or .MP3 audio. A free Google account is required to upload a file.