SyFy Sistas #017: Recap of The Sam and Bucky Show Finale – “One World, One People”

Fighting, fighting, things blow up… more fighting

We come to the end of the Falcon’s story. And, while the Sistas are okay with “a Black man carrying the Stars and Stripes” they are split on the new costume. Yvette and Tamia won’t give Bucky a break about that phone call, and everybody is so done, done, done with Karli, that J.D. must explain Marvel’s lack of villain back stories. And despite the plunging helicopters, falling armored cars, and well, fighting, fighting, and more fighting, Subrina finds her first Marvel Easter Egg. Yes, we can say that J.D. has completed her mission – the SyFy Sistas are now good with the MCU. Bring on the Multiverse!

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