Rewind #042: Lower Decks

The one where Riker is from Canada

This is the fight! Warning, red alert, This is the Fight! Sara and Haley DISAGREE on this TNG episode from Season 7, Lower Decks. Sara, with her great taste, wit and brains thinks this is a phenomenal episode, in fact it’s her favourite TNG episode. Haley, the other girl on the podcast…. disagrees. So tune in to hear all about that…

But that’s not all listeners! We do a great deep dive into the final few episodes of Star Trek Season 3 Picard, and when it comes to how epic that show is…there are no disagreements whatsoever, so… our friendship and bond remains! rejoice!
Thanks for listening and sticking with us, we hope you enjoy this breakdown of that Star Trek: TNG masterpiece called Lower Decks.