Rewind #40: Future Imperfect

Hello and welcome to the 40th episode of Rewind!! Can you believe it? We can’t! but don’t worry, the jokes are as same as the ones in episode 4, 17, 25…you know the drill. Join Haley and Sara today as they sit down to discuss that time travel Riker episode, Future Imperfect. Riker wakes up and 16 years have passed, he’s the Captain, and Admiral Picard is hanging out on a Romulan ship? Riker has a son?! Riker still can’t play the high note in Misty on that ol’ trombone of his. There’s no way this is real?! Who’s behind this madness? Minuet perhaps?

Haley and Sara also discuss other nonsense such as classic goofs and errors from this episode, Picard season 3 episode 3 and how it went when we went for pedicures together. Spoiler alert, we had a great time and our toes love us.

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