Rewind #007: The Battle


Let Sara and Haley take you by the hand and guide you on this aural journey.

There will be rhymes, there will be Picard comic discussion, pizza talk and quizzes. Also, we watched and broke down the forgettable TNG episode The Battle..,

“When you have a headache THIS BIG…”


The music of Rewind comes from none other than Five Year Mission and Episode 11 of Five Year Mission: The Podcast is available now! This week Mike and Fark engage in another round of “Real or Fake!”

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5YM, of course, is every note of music you hear on Rewind, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Go get yourself a copy of all their CDs: Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Spock’s Brain, and The Trouble With Tribbles. It’s easy–head on over to RIGHT NOW and get that physical media in your hands! We just KNOW you’ll become huge fans of the band and their music!