PoliTreks #25 – The PoliTreks of: Discovery S1

On this episode, Shashank and Barry discuss the political, historical, and social aspects of Season One of Discovery.

On the news, we discuss a corruption scandal involving a government-appointed anti-corruption firm. Obvious connections to Cardassian tactics of deceit. The next news item is a farewell to Peter Allan Fields who passed away while we were on hiatus.

Our main topic is a tad top-heavy as we get into the character of T’Kuvma, highlighting points of his opening speech and playing ‘what-if’ with his character. We ask questions about Burnham’s choice to mutiny and what it implied about the type of character we are encountering. Finally, no conversation on season one is worth it without a look at the Mirror Universe arc within the season.

There is also discussion on how streaming culture has begun a takeover of modern media consumption. This leads us to DSC being a product of this new reality, so we take time to discuss the implications that will have on Trek as a franchise.